Dental Implants

Dental implants from Modern Family Dental Care in Concord and Charlotte

Dental Implants offer a safe and effective way to replace one or several missing teeth, with very little risk for complication. Not only do dental implants make the best option for patients who want to restore natural, healthy teeth, but it is also the best treatment for lost teeth that modern dentistry can offer.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, surgically placed in your jaw to permanently replace a missing tooth.  Along with cosmetically improving your smile, dental implants such as bridges and crowns can prevent further damage and stop pain by filling in empty spaces left by missing teeth. With a dental implant, your tooth will be restored to look, feel and function like a natural tooth. These durable and long-lasting implants are a great foundation for a beautiful new set of teeth that will improve your quality of life for years to come.

Why Should I Get a Dental Implant?

With dental implants, you’ll never be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable in public again due to your smile. Instead, you’ll not only have a healthy beautiful smile, but every ounce of confidence you lacked because of it will be restored. Dental implants can offer you the self-esteem to live the life you want. The Charlotte dental implants placed by Modern Family Dental Care not only restore your smile, but also offer substantial benefits to patients.

  • No more cavities! One of the best things about dental implants is that your new, beautiful implant-restored teeth will never get cavities. However, keep in mind that you will still want to protect your gums and implant through regular dental checkups every 6 months for professional preventive dental care.
  • Stops your jaw bone from melting. After tooth removal, leaving an empty space in your mouth will cause your jawbone will shrink and deteriorate 40 -60% after about 2 years. A dental implant is the only dental procedure that helps to preserve your natural bone and prevent the deterioration tooth removal causes.
  • Protect your healthy teeth. Unlike a dental bridge, with dental implants the healthy teeth in your mouth will not have to be disturbed. A tooth-supported bridge requires grinding away and shaping of healthy teeth on both sides of the gap of missing teeth. This causes damage to healthy teeth in order to bring back something that is missing. Whereas, dental implants are man-made roots that go in the jawbone, and joins the tooth with a connector without touching the surrounding teeth. You will be able to not only keep your healthy teeth, but have new natural looking teeth as well.

Why Modern Dental?

At Modern Family Dental Care, we pride ourselves on our affordable dental implant restorations near Charlotte, NC. With our implants, there is not one high price for every implant like other offices, where costs can reach as high as $5,000 per tooth. There are no hidden fees; all-inclusive up-front fees without additional after surgery fees. Each implant is viewed as unique and are placed and restored at one office by one doctor. We determine location and type of implant to use because not all implant placements require as much time to plan and place. Every implant is different; not all of them require high-priced materials or special parts. With denture implants to snap in dentures, your investment is based on the type of solution, not the number of implants needed. These are just some of the reasons why Modern Family Dental Care is ahead of the pack. Contact us to schedule an appointment!