Charlotte, NC Dentures & Denture Implants

Are you sick or embarrassed to smile due to missing teeth?  Do you wish it was easier to chew the food you love?  If yes, it may be time to consider dentures.

Dentures and Denture Implants near Charlotte

Regardless of whether you need to replace a few teeth or your entire set, dentures and denture implants can be outfitted at Modern Family Dental Care to fulfill your specific needs. At our Charlotte and Concord dental offices, we take time to personalize your dentures for you, making sure they fit comfortably and stay in place while you eat, speak and smile.

Types of Dentures and Denture Implants Offered

Charlotte Partial Dentures
Partial dentures are designed to replace only a few missing teeth and gaps in your smile. Modern dental technology allows our dentists and associates to use gum colored clasps to secure the denture to your remaining teeth. Quite often our doctors can avoid the old metal clasp that are very unattractive when you smile. Partial dentures are an affordable option to complete your smile, prevent teeth from shifting, and allow you to chew your food better.

Charlotte Complete Dentures
Complete Dentures replace all of your teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. Dentures allow you to regain the ability to chew food easily again and smile with confidence. If you have teeth that need to be removed, Immediate Dentures can be placed immediately after removing the teeth. There are benefits to complete and immediate dentures, but frequents visits may be needed for adjustments to ensure that they fit properly.

Charlotte Overdentures Dentures
Overdentures are complete dentures, but they are secured by implants. This type of denture provides greater stability during chewing and speaking. Overdentures are more of an investment and require more appointments to make them fit properly. However, many of our patients tell us that the investment is well worth it. Overdentures can be secured with dental implants or mini dental implants.

If you still are not sure dentures are the right solution for you, consider some of the benefits:

  • Healthy Attractive Smile – No longer be embarrassed to smile or cover your mouth with you laugh. Dentures replace teeth allowing you to smile with confidence.
  • Look Younger – Denture help keep facial muscles from sagging. Sagging or muscles that suck into your cheek make people look older. Often people say they look 10 years younger with new dentures.
  • Enjoy Your Favorite Meal – Teeth allow chewing food much easier. Not only will you be able to enjoy your favorite meal again, you will improve your health with better digestion.
  • Improve Your Speech – If you have been without teeth for a while, maybe you have taken for granted how speaking should be easy. Missing teeth make it difficult to have proper pronunciation words. Replacing teeth allow you to speak clearly and socialize freely.

With dental offices in Concord and Charlotte, NC, our staff is readily available to discuss if dentures are an appropriate solution for your needs.  Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.