Mini Dental Implants

Once you’ve had your initial consultation at one of our Modern Family Dental Care offices in Concord or Charlotte, we may determine that mini dental implants are right for you. Very similar to traditional dental implants, mini dental implants use titanium posts (or man-made roots) that are small in diameter and don’t need a lot of the patient’s bone to place. After we examine your teeth, if we discover that there is not enough jawbone to utilize standard implants, mini dental implants may be the better option. Or if you have financial constraints but still want a solution that results in a beautiful smile, mini dental implants might be a great choice.

There are many benefits to mini dental implants, here are some of the reasons they could be the best choice to improve your smile:

  • Less invasive procedure with shorter healing time. Unlike standard implants, mini dental implants do not involve multiple surgeries. Often times, they can be placed without any large incisions on the gums.
  • Less Discomfort. Standard implants don’t usually cause much discomfort, but since mini dental implants cause less disturbance to bone and gums there is even fewer possibilities for discomfort to the patient.
  • Convenient. Typically, mini dental implants can be placed in one visit and often times most of our patients can secure their denture to the implant the same day. If replacing a single tooth or a few teeth, we will provide you with temporary teeth filling in the gaps.
  • No need for bone grafts. Usually there is no need for additional costly bone grafts.
  • Comfortable. Mini implants will never split or feel awkward, unlike dentures. However, they can be used to realign and improve our existing dentures.
  • Prevents facial collapse. Sometime facial collapse can happen due to bone loss, but because mini implants are built in your jawbone similar to a tooth root, it can prevent this from happening.
  • Fewer Complications. Complications from mini dental implants are very rare. At Modern Family Dental Care, we have refined protocols and techniques to ensure that complications become almost non-existent.
  • Affordable. We have developed a refined protocol so the typical cost of a mini implant treatment has been reduced by about 65% or more.

Mini dental implants can severely improve both your life and smile! For more information on these implants, or any of other dental services near Charlotte, contact one of our Modern Family Dental Care offices today.