Charlotte Porcelain Fixed Bridges & Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have missing teeth, a porcelain fixed bridge can permanently restore your smile. This type of bridge is the most popular because they look like your natural teeth and provide long-lasting function. Additionally, fixed bridges are an ideal alternative to removable dental attachments, such as partial dentures. The porcelain fixed bridges we offer at Modern Family Dental Care are made using the latest in dental technology and are highly durable.

Why Should I Get a Porcelain Fixed Bridge?

The purpose of this dental procedure is to fill in the space of missing teeth, prevent other teeth from shifting and maintain your facial shape, among others. A fixed bridge permanently attaches to your surrounding teeth, which is why they make a favorable alternative to removable partial dentures. Our porcelain fixed bridges in Charlotte are custom-designed to match your existing teeth in color, shape and form.

Why Modern Family Dental Care?

At Modern, we pride ourselves on offering top quality dental services at affordable prices. Unlike other offices, the price of our porcelain bridge procedures is all-inclusive: there are no hidden fees. Also, each implant is viewed as unique, and are placed and restored at one office by one dentist. If you are seeking a porcelain fixed bridge or information about regular dental care services, contact us  today!