5 Common Toothbrushing Mistakes

Brushing your teeth should be a “this-goes-without-saying” part of your daily routine. If we want to have good oral health it is imperative to brush at least twice a day. But many people are really still in the dark about brushing practices. Here are five common mistakes people make that you should avoid. Your Toothbrush… Read more »

Clever Ways to Prevent Cavities

Brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings: the holy trinity of cavity prevention. These essential dental hygiene practices constitute our first line of defense against cavities. But is that all we can do to keep our teeth healthy and cavity-free? Certainly not! There are plenty of other ways to stave off cavity formation, some of which… Read more »

Protect Your Child’s Oral Health With Sealants

Parents known that a child’s oral health is vital to their overall physical health. Some people take dental health for granted, but the health of teeth and gums is highly important, particularly when a child is still growing. What are Sealants? The mouth has many small crevices that are difficult or even impossible to reach… Read more »