How to Ease Your Child’s Fear Of the Dentist

As all parents know, good oral hygiene is an essential part of a child’s healthcare, and going to the dentist is something we all must do to have strong healthy teeth. Introducing your child to the dentist at a very young age will accustom her to the office, the dentist and his staff, and some… Read more »

Oral Hygiene Gadgets to Try at Home

Your annual dental exam is just the first step on the path to good oral hygiene. In fact, most of the legwork associated with your dental care will happen right in the comfort of your own home. Generally speaking, daily dental care isn’t something most people look forward to; brushing is a necessity and flossing… Read more »

Our Five Favorite Toothpastes

These days, consumers are faced with an almost overwhelming number of choices of toothpaste, each promising to deliver white, healthy, cavity-free teeth. As a general rule, you should only buy toothpaste marked with the seal of the American Dental Association (ADA). This seal indicates that the product has been thoroughly tested by dental professionals and… Read more »