How to Keep Invisalign Braces Clean

Let’s think about it for a moment – you’re going to be wearing your Invisalign Braces from Modern Family Dental Care for the majority of the day. You’re going to want to keep those clean! So, learn how to keep your invisalign braces clean.  But how do you do that? There are many different options… Read more »

Tips for Extending the Longevity of Dental Implants

There are no words to define how important our teeth are to the quality of our lives. Often teeth are ignored until they are in need of replacement. Unfortunately, this is when most people see just how vital a good set of teeth are to our overall health and well-being.   Dental implants can be… Read more »

How to Recognize and Treat Gum Disease

Good oral health is essential for a healthy body. Gum disease is often seen as a silent scourge because it can contribute to tooth loss, body-wide inflammation, and even heart disease. So understanding the symptoms and knowing how to treat it is very important. Some of the signs of gum disease are: –Bleeding gums when… Read more »