Janice Dzierra

Yes, highly recommended. Trustworthy, honest, gentle, the best dental care I have received in my lifetime. I have always hated and procrastinated in going to the dentist in fear of pain and judgment due to dental problems. Until now. I am beyond pleased with the personal one on one great care I received from Dr. Haynes and staff at Modern Family Dental Care. The office staff is kind, professional and honest. They are open about costs and insurance payments upfront. The estimate is printed out and given to me. There is nothing hidden. If insurance pays more than estimate and I over pay, I am given the credit back. They worked with me so I can pay what my insurance doesn’t. The method of payment and payment options accommodate my budget. The dental care I received at Modern Family Dental Care overall was professional and educational, actually beyond my expectations. Because of Dr. Haynes recommended treatments and regular cleanings by the best ever hygienist, I am able save my teeth. I feel lucky to be a patient of Dr. Haynes and his staff. I do not hesitate in recommending the quality dental care Modern Family Dental Care provides. I sincerely feel Dr. Haynes and staff care about me and my health.

Written by Luke

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