Smile Makeovers: Giving Patients More Than a Smile

I love my job.

I enjoy interacting with my patients and treating them like family. I appreciate the trust my patients show to me and my staff. I like showing my patients how they can live a more happy and fulfilling life with a healthy mouth. And I LOVE working on a challenging smile makeover.

When those smile makeovers are complete, my patient’s life is changed for the better. And when that final reveal is made, the patient, my staff, and I are all smiling – and there’s usually a few tears of joy too.

A smile makeover is when I take someone’s badly damaged smile like this:


And turn it into something like this:


A person’s smile can be damaged from years of neglect by a lack of brushing and flossing, drinking and eating sugary items, and by using any tobacco products. Also, a smile can be quickly destroyed by physical force – like a car wreck or a skateboarding accident. But either way I’ll often find missing or broken/cracked teeth, gum tissue damage, and jawbone reductions. All these things can affect other teeth, and often lead to even more tooth, gum, and jawbone loss.

After I thoroughly evaluate the extent of the damage, I’ll go over the options with my patient and then the work begins. For the teeth that are salvageable, I’ll repair them so they look like new. But when teeth need to be replaced, I’ll always recommend a dental implant. When finished, the implant looks, works, and feels like a normal tooth. But implants are so strong they’ll often outlast the patient. Also, because it’s affixed into the jaw, it keeps the bone healthy and strong.

From the initial appointment, a smile makeover can take months to complete. And while all of this is going on, I also teach my patients what they need to know so that they’ll be able to keep their smile bright and healthy for years to come.

When they see the results my patients usually can’t believe their eyes. They’ve gone from being embarrassed to smile, and unable to eat foods, to being able to laugh, eat and smile with their friends and family again.

And as they sit in the dental chair, admiring their new smile in the mirror, I know that I’ve given them more than a smile. I’ve given them back a missing part of their life. And for me, that is truly something to smile about.

-Dr. Taj

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Written by Dr. Taj

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