Where to Go for Emergency Dental Care in Charlotte

Where to Go for Emergency Dental Care in Charlotte

A severe tooth pain, profusely bleeding gums, a dislodged tooth due to a sports activity and any other dental situation that causes you intolerable pain, health risk or is life-threatening are considered dental emergencies.

What is a Dental Emergency?

You may start to ask if a toothache can be considered a dental emergency since it is painful. The answer is both yes and no. Yes, if the pain is severe, unbearable or unmanageable. No, if the pain is still tolerable and can wait for a dental appointment.

A dental emergency is any issue concerning your teeth and its supporting tissues that require immediate attention due to excessive pain. Dental emergency cases range from tooth and gum infections, damaged dental restorations and dental traumas, each requiring prompt response and treatment. 

The goal of dental emergency treatment is to always preserve the teeth for as long as possible. A dentist or any other dental professional should supervise a dental emergency to implement proper care and treatment.

Situations that Call for Emergency Dental Care

Cracked Tooth

Your teeth could crack for a number of reasons. Pressure builds up when you grind your teeth which could lead to your tooth cracking. Chewing hard foods can crack your teeth. Fillings can also weaken the integrity of your tooth. A cracked tooth can cause immense pain, especially when the dentin is exposed. An emergency treatment is needed to relieve the pain and fix the issue.

Broken or Knocked-out Tooth

A broken tooth can cause pain. A lot more when the dentin is exposed causing bacteria to infest it. This would require immediate attention to ease the pain and treat the infection. A knocked-out tooth, on the other hand, can happen through sports and accidents. This will require emergency dental care with the goal of saving the tooth.

Toothache and Jaw Pain

Toothache and jaw pain happens for a number of reasons. They might be caused by a bacterial or viral infection of the teeth and gums, injury or dental trauma and excessive teeth grinding. If you experience pain, swelling gums, and a fever that doesn’t improve, then an emergency treatment by your dentist might be the solution.

Bleeding and Aching Gums

In many cases, bleeding, swollen and aching gums are signs of gum disease. When you floss and there is bleeding in your gums that may be a sign of gingivitis. When you don’t practice proper dental hygiene, bacteria build up in the mouth can cause gum infection and disease. Bacteria causes the gums to become swollen and inflamed. If your gums start to bleed and the bleeding becomes excessive, you should seek emergency dental care.

Damaged or Dislodged Dental Filling or Appliance

A damaged or dislodged dental filling or appliance can call for a dental emergency, especially when it causes extreme pain or has affected your mouth function.

First Aid Tips for Common Dental Emergencies

What can we do? Accidents and sickness happen and no matter what we do, there are just some things that cannot be avoided. But knowing what to do in case of a possible dental emergency can provide much relief to your condition.

Here are some tips to help you with some of the most common causes of dental emergencies:

Knocked-out tooth

Rinse the tooth thoroughly, keep it moist all the time. If you still can, try to put the tooth back gently in the socket without touching the root. Bite on a gauze gently to keep the tooth in place. If this is not possible, keep the tooth in your mouth between your cheeks and gums (make sure that you don’t swallow it) or put it in a glass of milk. If milk is not available, use a tooth preservation product or tap water and proceed to the dentist immediately.

Cracked tooth

To remove debris, rinse your mouth immediately with water. Find the tooth fragment and go to your dentist. Maybe it is still possible to re-attach the broken fragment.


Rinse your mouth with water. Check if there’s something lodged between your teeth using dental floss. Go to your dentist to find out what is causing the pain.

What to Do if You Need Emergency Dental Care?

If you are in a dental emergency and the common remedies that you know do not work, contact your dentist right away. If the pain is still tolerable, still schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

If the pain you are experiencing is intolerable and is affecting your daily activities, it may warrant an emergency. Call your dentist for emergency dental treatment. Your condition needs to be assessed immediately for proper treatment to be implemented.

Get the Best Emergency Dental Care in Charlotte

Dental emergencies happen and when it does, you should be armed with the knowledge and composure to handle the situation. It is more beneficial when you know where to go or who to turn to for emergency dental treatment.

Emergency dental care in Charlotte is a lot better with Modern Family Dental Care. We are responsive and always available to handle emergency dental cases. More importantly, we know what to do. 

So, when you have a dental emergency, give us a call.

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