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What Links Oral Health & Overall Health?

When it comes to being healthy, the immediate thoughts that come to mind of most patients are working out, eating healthy, and sleeping well. While wellness activities can ensure a healthy mind and body, most of us often forget to also include healthy dental practices to maintain our oral health. As a trusted dentist in Charlotte & Concord, Modern Family

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How To Know If You Have A Cavity?

Dental cavities are among the dental conditions where time is very crucial. Early detection of cavities can help preserve your natural tooth, keep you from a tooth infection, and save you from expensive dental costs. As silent as the bacteria can be, there are warning signs during the early stages of cavity formation.  As a top-rated dentist in Charlotte, Modern

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Does Genetics Affect Your Oral Health?

Many patients often have a misconception that they can inherit the dental conditions of their parents. Some even feel like they won’t achieve a bright and beautiful smile because no one in their family has a healthy smile. However, not all dental problems are hereditary and must not be blamed solely on your genes. Other factors can also affect your oral

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