Make a Good First Impression with Your Smile

The world is becoming more fast-paced and interconnected each day. Oftentimes, a first impression is all a person gets in this busy world. This first encounter could lead to a sincere connection that could open doors for new possibilities or it could also lead to a wrong impression about you. It all depends on how… Read more »

The Importance of Having a Healthy Mouth

The Connection Between Oral Health and the Immune System A toothache and swollen gums are common signals that there’s something wrong with your oral health.  Not just that, whenever there is constant pain in your body, your immune system gets compromised. Your body’s defensive mechanisms will weaken and will be prone to viral and bacterial… Read more »

Top 5 Things to Do in The University Charlotte Area

The Queen City of Charlotte has all the grandeur and spectacle a city can offer. It’s a nurturing city to live in and an interesting place for a memorable trip. It has everything that you’re looking for and got everything that you’ll need. In fact, a city within a city resides in Charlotte. You read… Read more »