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Getting to the Root of Common Teeth Problems

Getting to the root of common teeth problems

  Although much of the focus surrounding teeth involves the appearance of teeth, common dental problems typically extend past visible issues to underlying concerns. At Modern Family Dental Care, we believe that oral health should be treated with an eye on underlying causes and that all incoming patients have the power to support their health… Read more »

How Swollen Gums and Damaged Teeth Impair Your Immune System

how swollen gums and damaged teeth impair your immune system

Swollen teeth and gums are often treated as though they are separate from the rest of a body. Toothaches are usually considered separate from earaches and other sinus issues, and are rarely (if ever) linked to other health issues.  In truth, though, your oral health plays a powerful role in your overall health, and should… Read more »

6 Primary Causes of Toothaches

Many, if not all, have already experienced a toothache at one point in their lives. That unbearable pain coming from just a small body part, making one’s life miserable briefly or for a long period. The drama a toothache can cause from difficulty eating to not getting enough sleep can be a nightmare for everyone…. Read more »