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The Importance of Having a Healthy Mouth

The Connection Between Oral Health and the Immune System A toothache and swollen gums are common signals that there’s something wrong with your oral health.  Not just that, whenever there is constant pain in your body, your immune system gets compromised. Your body’s defensive mechanisms will weaken and will be prone to viral and bacterial… Read more »

What Does Fluoride Do?

What Does Fluoride Do

How Fluoride Fights Dental Problems? Including fluoride treatments in your oral regimen can help you achieve a healthy, white smile that regular brushing alone can’t give. Fluoride has been touted by the American Dental Association as “nature’s cavity fighter,” and it provides a ton of benefits for patients who want to have a beaming smile. … Read more »

Does A Second Opinion Matter in Dentistry?

second opinion dentistry in charlotte

Why Should You Opt for a Second Opinion for Your Dental Concerns? Oftentimes, your dentist will recommend the best dental treatments for your oral health problems. However, when your dentist recommends a series of dental work that you might not be ready for, you might be left wondering if you have other options. Getting a… Read more »