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4 Benefits of a Power Toothbrush

4 benefits of a power toothbrush

A quick walk down a toothpaste aisle can reveal a plethora of electric toothbrush options. While electric toothbrushes may not be essential to brush your teeth, they can provide some important benefits that manual toothbrushes do not offer.  Power Toothbrushes vs. Manual Brushing Power toothbrushes, or electric toothbrushes, have been around for over 80 years…. Read more »

Getting to the Root of Common Teeth Problems

Getting to the root of common teeth problems

  Although much of the focus surrounding teeth involves the appearance of teeth, common dental problems typically extend past visible issues to underlying concerns. At Modern Family Dental Care, we believe that oral health should be treated with an eye on underlying causes and that all incoming patients have the power to support their health… Read more »