I knew Dr. Haynes was wonderful since my girls have been seeing him for a while. But it took me some time to work up the nerve to jump in that chair myself. I have a crippling dental phobia but Dr. Haynes and his staff was wonderful at making me comfortable and relaxed. Even when I had a complete meltdown they were there with compassion and understanding. They never fail to work with me and my insurance to help keep my out of pocket costs down. Dr. Haynes takes his time and makes sure I understand what is going on and never leaves until he feels he has answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a caring dental office.

Kira Johns

Dr.Taj Haynes is awesome.

Jacob Butler (8 Years Old)

I have not felt more welcome, comfortable or well informed at any other dentist I’ve been to. Ashley took very good care of me as well as Lanie and Cecilia.

Shelley Rinaldo

I have had excellent experiences at Modern Family Dental Care. They convinced me to purchase a Phillips Sonic are toothbrush that I was hesitant to purchase, but after doing some research, was competitively priced and has made a remarkable difference (and a lot less scraping) at my last cleaning appointment. Ashley is a wonderful hygienist and I love watching TV while getting my teeth cleaned. Dr. Taj always takes care of my dental needs and is one of the most pain free dentists I’ve ever used. I highly recommend Modern Family Dental Care.

Tim Howard

My girls (ages 5 and 6) have NEVER been to the dentist and going to see Dr. Haynes and his staff was their first encounter. Everyone was GREAT!!!! Friendly, professional, and very kind and “first time mommy at the dentist” friendly. I am so glad I received their mail notifications regarding the new office/location/hours. They were prompt in returning my email request for an appointment and we were able to have a good first visit w/Dr. Haynes. As far as I know, this first/routine exam was entirely covered by our insurance but we did have to pay a minimal fee for a “superficial cavity” that my youngest one had. Truly minimal, I pay more for gas in my SUV!

Poochies Granddaughter

Yes, highly recommended. Trustworthy, honest, gentle, the best dental care I have received in my lifetime. I have always hated and procrastinated in going to the dentist in fear of pain and judgment due to dental problems. Until now. I am beyond pleased with the personal one on one great care I received from Dr. Haynes and staff at Modern Family Dental Care. The office staff is kind, professional and honest. They are open about costs and insurance payments upfront. The estimate is printed out and given to me. There is nothing hidden. If insurance pays more than estimate and I over pay, I am given the credit back. They worked with me so I can pay what my insurance doesn’t. The method of payment and payment options accommodate my budget. The dental care I received at Modern Family Dental Care overall was professional and educational, actually beyond my expectations. Because of Dr. Haynes recommended treatments and regular cleanings by the best ever hygienist, I am able save my teeth. I feel lucky to be a patient of Dr. Haynes and his staff. I do not hesitate in recommending the quality dental care Modern Family Dental Care provides. I sincerely feel Dr. Haynes and staff care about me and my health.

Janice Dzierra